Eight Belarusian democratic political organisations will jointly observe during next elections


Summary from “Right to choose-2019” press conference, held in Minsk city, February, 5th, 2019


“Right to choose-2019” is:

8 organisation
18 parliamentary candidates
18 constituencies to be totally observed
1500 observers
7 changes to Electoral code

Election observation campaign “Right to choose”, successfully conducted by Belarusian opposition since 2013, will continue. Eight Belarusian democratic political organisations — United Civil Party, The Belarusian Popular Front Party, Belarusian Social-Democratic Party (Hramada), Belarusian Christian Democracy, Belarusian “Greens” Party, Party of Freedom and Progress, Movement “For freedom” and independent trade union Radio-Electronic Industry (REP) signed a new agreement on joint mobilization campaign and observation during next elections. 18 prospective parliamentary candidates, representing organisations involved (including party leaders of UCP, BPF, BCD, BSDP and “For freedom”) started in February their local social and mobilizational campaigns in the regiones. “Right to choose” has also developed its proposals regarding necessary changes into Electoral Code  and is working these proposals to be implemented. Most important changes suggested are - garanties for candidates and participating parties during formation of electoral commissions of all levels, first of all local electoral commissions: significant limitations for early voting: transparent vote count.
Party leaders participated the press conference - Leu Marholin (UCP), The BPF Party chairman Ryhor Kastusiou, BSDP chairman Ihar Barysau, BCD co-chairperson Volha Kavalkova and For freedom deputy chairman Viktar Yanchurevich - stated their firm decision to work together on election observation and changes of the Electoral Code. They also expressed their intention to keep communication and cooperate with international election monitoring missions and related international organisations.