Statement of the Council of “Right to choose” election observation campaign

Statement of the Council of “Right to choose” election observation campaign


Eight Belarusian democratic political organisations will jointly observe during next elections

Summary from “Right to choose-2019” press conference, held in Minsk city, February, 5th, 2019



Public vote count

International Obligations for Elections: Genuine Elections that Reflect the Free Expression of the Will of the People


Early voting

International obligations include the right and opportunity of every citizen to vote in equal conditions with other citizens, restricted only by objective and reasonable criteria established by law.T


Formation of election commissions

International obligations do not contain direct reference to the composition of election commissions.However, the ability of the electoral administration to enable, implement and enforce international obligations is dependent, among other factors, on the composition and operation of election commissions.


Rights of observers

This is an area in which international obligations, in particular those relating to transparency and access to information, are of direct relevance.


About us

About our campaign

Our voices (votes) should determine the outcome of elections.

Our voices (votes) should determine the future of our country.