About us

About our campaign

Our voices (votes) should determine the outcome of elections.

Our voices (votes) should determine the future of our country.

Our voices (votes) should determine who is in power.

The quality of education and health care, foreign policy and national security, economic situation and legislative initiatives should be determined by our choice.

But for that our voices (votes) must first be considered (counted).

When our voices are not heard, our future is determined without our participation and consideration for our interests.

Join the "Right to Choose-2020» campaign and together with us defend your right to fair elections!

This is the only how way we can influence our lives, choose a better future for ourselves and our children.

To join independent observation organized by "Right to choose-2020” campaign, click here. Your participation matters. Only together with you we can make our campaign large enough to detect possible election fraud.

Because of your activeness, many people will be able to learn about the way elections are organized and held in Belarus, whether the votes of citizens are actually being counted and whether we can openly observe this process.

Who are the members of our campaign?

Currently "Right to choose” campaign unites eight political and civic forces: Belarusian People’s Front (BPF), Belarusian Christian Democracy (BChD), Belarusian Social-Democratic Party "Hramada” (BSDP), "For Freedom” Movement, United Civil Party (UCP), "The Greens” party, organizing committee of Party of Freedom and Progress (PFP), Belarusian Trade Union of Radio-Electronic Industry (REP).

Is there a possibility for new organizations to join the observation team?

The doors for new democratic organizations are open. The main criteria to join the observation is willingness to work in a team and contribute to recording irregularities and collecting proofs of possible violations of electoral legislation of any kind, as well as abuses of power in order to prevent manipulations with the will of the citizens.

The aim of an independent observation is also the democratization of electoral legislation, as well as holding the elections in accordance with the international norms and principles.

The distinguishing feature of "Right to choose” campaign

The main distinguishing feature of this campaign, which differentiates it from other observation efforts carried out by human rights defenders or international observers is the focus on "active observation” that includes mobilization of volunteers not only to record, but also actively counter violations.

We are going to use all means to inform the citizens of the country and the international community about how elections are actually held in Belarus. We are going to stand for the rule of law in our country and defend the right of our citizens to free and fair elections.

Election observation experience

"Right to Choose” campaign has accumulated substantial experience by monitoring Parliamentary elections in 2008, 2012, 2016 and 2019, Presidential elections in 2010 and 2015, and elections to local Councils in 2014 and 2018.

The recognition of election results in Belarus by the international community

Between 1996 and 2020 there has been no positive tendencies in fairness and democratization of elections in Belarus. Since 1996 not a single election was recognized by the international community.

Main election violations

The major unresolved problem in every election held in Belarus is the absence of possibility for independent observers to conduct comprehensive monitoring of the vote counting process as well as tabulation of final election results.

The second major issue is the transparency of the electoral process. It has became a usual practice to block the web-sites of independent media and to refuse independent observers the access to simplest information during the election campaign.

About elections

Elections directly influence the prices and salaries, the health care and education quality, the economic situation and the situation in the spheres of science and culture, the foreign policy and national security.

The citizens of the Republic of Belarus have a right to know how elections are organized and conducted, and how their votes are counted.

Belarusian people should have the possibility to influence the authorities, make their life better, and replace the politicians who fail to fulfill their obligations.

Elections in the country should become the instrument for bringing people wellbeing and prosperity.

Any political force should come to rule the country in accordance with the law, based on principles of freedom, integrity and openness. And the independent election observation serves the purpose of establishing and maintaining these principles.

Join our campaign and defend your right to fair elections.